Cadbury takes reality route in VCCP debut

Cadbury is one of the those quasi-legendary UK accounts, sponsor of some good even great advertising over the years – but, also, much else besides. Now it’s owned by Mondeleez International of course, which may or may not be a Good Thing.

VCCP has taken over the creative reins from Fallon and here’s its debut, a low key effort trying to show “there’s a glass and a half in everyone.” A little girl wants to buy her stressed mum a birthday present but only has the juvenile equivalent of bitcoins in her purse.

‘Gorilla’ it ain’t (from Fallon in its heyday) but will we ever see such boldness again?

Nicely done though and ‘real.’ Does ‘real’ sell as well as improbable fantasy? Lots of British advertisers seem to think it does.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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