Amazon’s Alexa loses her voice in Lucky Generals Super Bowl spot: Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Hopkins take her place

There’s no bigger brief in global advertising than a Super Bowl spot, so all credit to Lucky Generals for landing the task of creating this year’s Amazon blockbuster.

With marketers reportedly paying $5m for 30 seconds of airtime in Sunday’s game, the Super Bowl is a considerable investment – even when your founder is the world’s richest man.

Jeff Bezos takes a cameo role in the ad, fixing his menacing stare on an underling when she tells him the bad news that Alexa has lost her voice. Alexa’s stand-ins turn out to be Anthony Hopkins, Gordon Ramsay, Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson and rapper Cardi B. They all manage to mess up in their own unique way.

(For some reason or other the original link to the full ad on YouTube has been removed, so here’s the trailer).

Lucky Generals has hit its stride with Amazon. Following on from a strong Christmas campaign, the agency has risen to the Super Bowl challenge with an ad that has plenty of warmth and humour but zero schmaltz. It even risks a “dirty” joke.

Lucky Generals ECD and co-founder Danny Brooke-Taylor says: “The Super Bowl is advertising’s noisiest day of the year, so it takes a brave client to lose its most iconic voice. Massive props to the entire team at Amazon for their unwavering desire to create something brilliant.”

We’re waiting Danny…


Here it is.

Very good.

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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