Best ads of 2017: Now matches giants adam&eveDDB and Jung von Matt in September

One of the things that makes for outstanding ads is agency status: a client is more likely to risk a big budget and a new approach if the creative agency in question has a track record and therefore clout.

So it’s good to see London independent agency Now joining adam&eveDDB and Jung von Matt (who have the above in spades) at the top of September’s leader board with this ambitious effort for New York Bakery Co.

Part of a proper campaign too.

Then there was this exhilarating piece of nostalgia from adam&eveDDB in its debut for Great Western Railway.

They say great ads are about great storytelling and the way British car pioneer John Cooper turned the tiny Mini (they were tiny in those BMC days) into a three-time Rallye Monte Carlo winner is a great story, even for non petrol heads. Jung von Matt captures it perfectly for BMW’s Mini Cooper Works (originally the name of Cooper’s rally car).

Much talk in marketing land these days about the impossibility of “interrupting” people with ads but no-one should mind being interrupted with these three.

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