Lucky Generals bangs out a new tune for Funding Circle

It’s quite unusual to see an ad – actually on TV – for the first time and be curious about who did it and why. So that’s the first job done: it’s got your attention.

This one from Funding Circle popped up somewhere the other day, and it’s clearly not Phil Collins or a gorilla.

From Lucky Generals it seems (for some reason they’re not sharing their oeuvre with us at the moment.) Funding Circle offers business loans quicker than banks and, unlike Royal Bank of Scotland’s scandalous “Global Restructuring Group” for example, they don’t destroy your business in the process.

So far so good. Who cares if there’s more than a nod to Fallon’s famous Dairy Milk ad.

The theme of the campaign seems to be “for those made to do more.” Here’s another in the campaign, not quite so striking.

Miles better than the usual corporate banking guff.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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