“John, this will never work” from Jung von Matt wins for Mini


Most buyers of BMW-owned Minis seem to plump for the revved up Cooper these days and now, in Mini’s burgeoning product line-up (some of them are as big as first generation SUVs) there’s the Mini Cooper Works. Which no doubt baffles many customers.

So it’s timely to show what this used to be, a racing version of the old Mini from John Cooper’s Cooper racing stable which won two World Championships in those pre-Ecclestone GP days. The Mini Cooper won three Monte Carlo Rallyes when that was a major event. Cooper’s breakthrough was to put the engine in the back. And the rest, as they say…

Here’s the great man fretting over his Monte Carlo debut, in a campaign from Jung von Matt. “John, this will never work.”

It did, of course.

Cracking stuff, now where are those string-backed gloves and the flat cap?

Beautifully realised by Jung von Matt.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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