ID Mobile pillories over-hyped phones with SIM-only ads

Challenger mobile network iD Mobile is sending up the hype around tech launches – think Apple’s bewildering new line-up – with an online and social campaign through The&Partnership’s AllTogetherNow for its SIM-only offer.

Is one reason people are prepared to pay $1k for a new iPhone the orgasmic experience of taking it out of the box? Not so daft, some people say they buy new cars because they like the smell of the factory-fresh leather.

ID Mobile head of marketing Mark Bowles says: “Our digital-only campaign aims to target our core 18-34-year-old audience with our great value SIM only deals in a fun, relatable and light-hearted approach. The market for SIM Only is growing and iD is the only network that offers data rollover, bill capping and inclusive roaming in 50 destinations on all our post-pay plans.”

The culmination of the campaign will see iD Mobile give their Facebook fans the chance to win a ‘golden sim’ and a selection of tech products.

Funny and persuasive.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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