Hegarty bounces back with Camden Town Brewery TV debut

Sir John Hegarty of BBH fame is back in the saddle, this time through his “incubator” outfit The Garage Soho.

Hegarty is behind this new campaign – ‘Raise Hells’ – for Camden Town Brewery (it makes Camden Hell lager) in a partnership with ITV and Electric Glue.

Hegarty was an original investor in the brewery, founded by his son-in-law Jasper Cuppaidge. It’s now owned by beer giant AB InBev, rather disappointingly, but that probably made it a pretty good investment. Camden Town now has a spanking new brewery in Enfield, which is not in Camden.

Cuppaidge says: “This campaign is an incredibly exciting and landmark moment for Camden Town Brewery. Camden is not only our home and namesake, it’s a place that constantly inspires us – from the culture, to the history, to the incredible people living and working within the borough. We wanted to celebrate this place – our home – by asking our friends and the whole of London to ‘Raise Hells’ with us.”

Hegarty says: “To become an iconic brand you have to at some point create broadcast advertising. Celebrating the power of broadcast to widen and engage audiences, whilst simultaneously using digital to deepen people’s experience of the story we’re telling, will bring Camden – the place and the brewery – to a whole new audience.”

Big expectations for this one then.

Here’s the big film, ‘Celebration,’ filmed at Camden’s Roundhouse.

And two of the various Camden ‘characters’ featured in a series of shorter films.

Camden, just down the road from me, is rather like this although the borough rambles all the way down to the City financial district. So Hegarty has done a pretty good job of capturing its essence. Will it sell Camden Town beer though?

This is brand awareness stuff and, no doubt, AB InBev will make sure plenty of beer is sold. After all, it sells Bud Light by the bucketload.

Good that Hegarty is also making the case for “broadcast,” advertising. He grew increasingly frustrated at BBH by clients switching to digi this and digi that, placing so-called CRM above the kind of advertising that made BBH and its clients famous.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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