BETC Paris set to play key role in 2024 Olympics

Paris has won the race to handle the 2024 Olympics, for the third time after 1900 and 1924 (Chariots of Fire and all that).

Hosting the Olympics is not necessarily a benefit: London 2012 arguably was (not least for West Ham United who got a spanking new stadium courtesy of Boris Johnson); the last one in Rio was a mixed blessing for Brazil.

BETC Paris worked with Paris on the bid and can be expected to handle the build-up too. Here’s the first film.

Let’s hope they go ahead. Paris has its security issues of course and before these Games there’ll be the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia (where anything could go off) and the next one in Qatar. Qatar is currently at odds with most of its Middle Eastern neighbours and a completely unsuitable venue for playing football with its soaring temperatures. But that’s money-grubbing FIFA for you.

BETC will doubtless do a good job and this corporate film – with a heavy emphasis on black competitors – does a job too. The Olympic flame is hardly original but it keeps it all together. The theme is “sharing.”

MAA creative scale: 7.

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