Welcome to the era of six-second video ads

YouTube, Facebook and Fox (among others) have decided that what we need are more six-second video ads. Why six seconds? It’s longer than five but shorter than seven..dunno.

Of course all three want more ad dollars. Any other benefits?

The best reason they, or their supporters, have come up with so far is “frequency.” Ad campaigns used to be about coverage (reaching the market) and frequency (reaching it often) but that’s hard to do when there’s so much more media. So six seconds make frequency affordable again, or so the theory goes.

Here’s some YouTube offerings.

Actually they’re quite interesting. Should get more ads made anyway – and create opportunities for less wizened creatives.

Almost takes you back to the days when advertisers were accused of “subliminal” ads, softening your brain and opening your wallet without you noticing.

Plus ça change…

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