BMB wins Campaign to End Loneliness uphill task

London agency BMB has been appointed to handle the Campaign to End Loneliness account, a new one on me but they’re supposed to be spending £4m this year and next. Can you really end loneliness? Isn’t it a (disagreeable) part of life?

Anyway there are reckoned to be a million or so people in the UK over 65 suffering from the aforementioned loneliness, a number that’s forecast to rise to one sixth of the population by 2050, nearly ten million presumably. The trouble seems to be that we’re living longer but not enjoying it very much.

CEL director of campaigns, policy and research Sam Dick says: “To many other agencies such a task would be overwhelming and intimidating. This isn’t yet another charity campaign, this is far more fundamental as we are not simply trying to get people to care about loneliness but are trying to achieve sustainable behaviour change and cultivate meaningful connections between people where they don’t currently exist.

BMB seized the opportunity with both hands and have impressed us by not only to get to the real heart of the issue but also to get to know us, our strengths and our constraints.”

BMB head of planning Jamie Inman says: “We are thrilled to be working with Campaign to End Loneliness. Loneliness is pervasive in our society and something we might all confront later in on life. The scale of the challenge requires all our energy and imagination but we cannot wait to get started.”

Um, good luck guys.

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