Vauxhall and VW show that car advertising is a broad church

Vauxhall is aiming its new Crossland X at the school gates crowd of women in big cars (so beloved of teachers).

This is the first effort from new Vauxhall agency Mother. At which point descriptive powers rather fail me.

Only from Mother.

Meanwhile at the other end of the London creative agency spectrum adam&eveDDB, which wouldn’t allow a PyjamaMama through the door, is going all left brain in its latest outing for VW. This time it’s for the Golf GTE hybrid boasting the “responsible use of power.”

We’ve said before that too many advertisers overlook the time-honoured benefit of a strong product feature wrapped in a nice film.

That wouldn’t cut much ice with the Mothers of invention of course.

So: Vauxhall: brave, diverting but possibly mad.

MAA creative scale: 8.

VW: clear-minded and sane. But on the button.

MAA creative scale: that’s an 8 too.

Interesting car ads, whatever next?

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