New Aussie Nike campaign recharges ‘Just Do It’

Nike seems to be returning to basics – ‘Just Do It’ – and not before time. Some of its more recent US efforts seemed more akin to a tech company.

Here’s its new campaign in Australia, from Wieden+Kennedy HQ.

It features athletes setting themselves impossible goals.

Here’s a somewhat edgy effort featuring anti-social behaviour in a museum.

And ‘Cliff’ which proposes a new role for your old banger.

Don’t like ‘Museum,’ edgy edging into uncomfortable. But ‘Cliff’ is spot on.

Now ‘Handcuffs’ (for once the limitations of thirty seconds get the agency out of a hole.)

And ‘Crusher’ (the big one online, it’s football naturally).

Powerful and a proper campaign.

MAA creative scale: tricky. 8.5.

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