Grey’s Mini Cheddars needs to revisit the drawing board

How do you launch three new Jacobs Mini Cheddar flavours? Assemble a load of old buffers (wearing mouse ears) in a gentleman’s club under the aegis of The Cheddar Appreciation Society and have them shocked/surprised/outraged.

And hope to raise a smile too, as Valenstein and Fatt (which Grey London is currently trading as, V&F founded the agency a century ago in New York) is hoping to do here.

Or would it be better to go back to the drawing board and come up with something original?

MAA creative scale: 3.


Mcgarrybowen is also trying cheese funny chops in this new ad for Branston Pickle.

‘Please the cheese’ isn’t a bad idea. The trouble is the pickle itself looks absolutely disgusting.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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