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Ebiquity launches another challenge to media agencies with ROI channel guide

Ebiquity, which now describes itself as an “independent, global leader in marketing and media analytics,” is launching a new service, Total View Attribution.

This purports to show clients which media channels (online and offline in combination) work best, hence contributing to the holy grail of media return on investment (ROI).

Ebiquity head of international effectiveness Mike Campbell says: “The Total View Attribution service provides a multi-channel solution for advertisers, putting digital media effectiveness in context with offline media. The service will enable clients to improve the ROI of their total media investments in an independent, efficient and transparent manner. We are looking forward to working with clients across geographies and industries to improve their profitability.”

New media services are launched all the time but Ebiquity has played a key part in the challenge to media agencies over so-called “transparency,” contributing to the US ANA report which has caused the big holding company media agencies such trouble. Working out which media channel works best is what they’re supposed to do.

So Total View Attribution may be another poser for them to worry about.

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