Corbyn shows the so-called experts how to communicate

Amazing isn’t it how you can overturn PR perceptions.

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, derided as a left wing loony and worse by the likes of the Sun and the Mail (the Mail, as I recall, said Theresa May would win by a landslide in the recent General Election and also that her ludicrous manifesto was just what Britain needed) and a ‘mugwump’ by absurd foreign secretary Boris Johnson, lacks the armies of consultants and so-called analysts employed by the Tory party.

So he’s just himself (or a convincing version of it).

Here he is presenting an Arsenal shirt to EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

Theresa May wouldn’t know how to start and Barnier wouldn’t be seen dead in such an encounter with Boris.

There’s a lesson here for anyone in communications, whatever their politics.

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