Bjorn Borg ad enters Mexico wall controversy

What would we do without Donald Trump?

They haven’t built his wall between the US and Mexico yet – they probably never will – but border security appears to have been tightened somewhat alarmingly which has prompted Bjorn Borg (remember him? He’s now a sportswear company) to stage a tennis match there, the Bjorg Open.

One half of the court is in the US, one in Mexico. The point being to show that sport should bring people together, even in this divided and fractious world.

Directed by Klaus Thymann for Swedish agency Round & Round with the help of six Mexican agencies. Hope they didn’t get attacked by guard dogs or shot.

Should brands do politics? No but this seems justifiable. And politics, on both sides of the Atlantic, have become so barmy they’re almost unavoidable.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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