Best ads of 2017: AlmapBBDO for Whiskas and BETC Paris (again) for Lacoste win in May

What’s Whiskas got to do with autism? Not much on the face of it but Pedigree’s Whiskas is sponsoring a series of uplifting tales and this one from AlmapBBDO tells the story of Iris, locked in her own world, and new kitten Thula

It could have been awful and a straw poll among autism professionals produced a mixed response.

But the working definition for our Best Ads is “could it have been done any better?” In this case whether you agree with the concept or not.

Don’t think it could.

BETC Paris appears in these lists more often than any other agency – having the benefit, perhaps, of being big as well as highly creative.

This new one, for Lacoste, squeezes in as it arrived yesterday.

It features a bloke making a nuisance of himself on a train.

Lacoste, who was a tennis player I believe, founded the business in 1933 and still manages to sell polos at eye-watering prices.

So it’s all about style and this is supremely stylish.

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