Ming unveils spectacular creative winners for Polaroid

Linus Karlsson’s New York-based Ming Utility and Entertainment Group – “more entertainment, less ads” as Karlsson puts it – is relaunching Polaroid Eyeware, 80 years after the ground-breaking business started.

Ming’s Geisel Productions produced the recent return of Clive Owen for BMW films and the same classy expertise is evident in ‘Fishbowl,’ the history of Polaroid.

Then, among a swathe of films, we have the music vid.

And, maybe hardest of all, an essay at cool with just some moves and a fiendishly catchy music track.

It’s grown up, to the point and, yes, cool – assisted no end by craft skills most agencies can only dream about. Credit to Polaroid too.

Ming could help put creativity back on top of the increasingly data-driven communications agenda.

Our campaign of the year so far.

MAA creative scale: 9.25.

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