Is UEFA trying too hard to turn girls into boys in new FCB Inferno campaign?

UEFA is trying to do its bit for women’s football so has a big new campaign from FCB Inferno launching for the women’s Champions League final in advance of the men’s version at the weekend. Both in Cardiff.

Juventus versus Real Madrid should be good game; will the all-French affair twixt Lyon and PSG be the same?

Together #WePlayStrong is the theme, much as it is for FCB’s heavily awarded efforts for Sport England.

UEFA Women's Football_Together #WePlayStrong from FCB Inferno on Vimeo.

There’s nothing wrong in this; it ticks all the boxes. But there’s a better ad in waiting if they’d made more of the shy blonde with the butterfly wings.

But that would have conflicted with the “be strong” message and, as well all know, girls are super strong these days.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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