CHI gets a taste for Freedom Brewery

Ever-inventive CHI&Partners has ventured into the brewing business with a stake in craft lager pioneer Freedom Brewery and has produced a new campaign featuring a set of limited edition prints of its D&AD Pencil-winning illustrations by Thomas Dathony, ‘A Taste of Freedom.’

The prints will be offered to pubs selling Freedom.

Matthew Willson, Managing Director at Freedom Brewery MD Matthew Willson says: “We’re delighted with the creative partnership we have established with the team at CHI&Partners. The artwork they and Thomas have created perfectly reflects the quality and sophistication of our award-winning range of beer – we hope it will encourage modern discerning drinkers across the UK to choose Freedom.”

All these new brewers are interesting. Read somewhere (I think) about a new beer called Responsibly, as in the instruction on alcohol ads to “Drink Responsibly.” Brilliant.

Memo to CHI: beer is fine but your next investment should be a vineyard.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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