Best ads of 2017: Who Wot Why and BETC Paris win in April

May has snook in in the UK without anyone noticing – the Bard’s “merry month” is here under lowering skies. Maybe God is a remainer and he’s pissed off about the General Election which is all about bloody Brexit.

There were a couple of more than decent ads in April though. First up is newbie London agency Who Wot Why for mobile operator giffgaff.

It’s still a cracker, the kind of advertising we don’t see enough of these days. It’s verging on viral too. So credit to the agency and client giffgaff (owned by Telefonica) for putting its hand in its pocket.

Meanwhile, back in la belle France, we have Canal+ series Versailles, now on the Beeb in the UK too. This has caused a stir with lots of bonking French aristos (when I watched a bit the other week there wasn’t any but I’m sure there is, mostly) so Canal+ agency BETC Paris is offering a board game for the children, while adults watch the naughty doings.

BETC Paris always seems utterly confident in what it’s doing and it’s also quite happy to send up its countrymen. Salut.

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