BBH borrows from the past for new Heinz campaign

Beans Meanz Heinz often tops informal polls of the best ad line so it’s clever of BBH to bring it back as it sets to work on what should be a big account. And you need all the help you can get when you’re confined to 20 seconds, which it seems to be in this campaign. Kraft Heinz isn’t noted for chucking money about after all.

“Good for you without going on about it” is an interesting modern spin.

Increasingly ads these days are kicking against modish modernism: the obsession with technology, especially mobiles, and, in this case, the devotion to sweaty health and fitness.

Nicely done, clearly on a budget which should keep this client happy.

Back in the day BBH would usually set off somewhere nice for an important new account: mythical America or a medieval town in Italy. Perhaps we’re going back to the Seventies when mini-sitcoms (very mini in this case) ruled the airwaves. Which is why Beanz Meanz Heinz worked, of course.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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