IPA president Golding launches machine-friendly ad agenda

New IPA president Sarah Golding, CEO of CHI & Partners (below), has pledged to maximise the potential of automation and machine-learning to enhance the advertising industry, while also protecting it from its dark side. Golding delivered her ‘Magic and the Machines’ agenda in her inaugural IPA speech.

Golding said: “We are not all doomed to be replaced by robots, but neither are we too creative not to be impacted. I would therefore like my presidency to help create a new enthusiasm for what machines can do for agencies and the advertisers and brands we serve.

“We need to start seeing the opportunities to grow and change alongside our new automated colleagues, embracing the new tools available to us to be even better at what we do. And that starts with how we can harness them to help us create magic.”

Golding’s agenda focusus on three key areas: mastering the machines; magic with numbers; and monitoring the machines.

Mastering the machines
Helping agencies to use tech to create better brand experiences and to work with tech companies to develop the products and tools they need. This will be achieved through the creation of a platform for education, collaboration and inspiration, known as IPAi, and will include:

*The IPAi Applied Training Programme – comprised of intensive and immersive AI-centred modules starting from 15 May.

*The launch of SXSW1 – bringing the key learning and individuals from the SXSW Interactive Festival and CES Conference to London.

*Working with KPMG to define and quantify the value of Creative Tech, and with Government to develop a Creative Tech Taskforce.

*Deeper involvement with London Technology Week.

Data and evaluation

Helping agencies to embrace data by using numbers as an input into creative thinking and targeting.

Monitoring the machines

Ensuring greater digital media quality and security, including guarding against ad fraud and ensuring better brand safety.

Golding says: “Automation will change lives at every level in our industry. The machines will be our new colleagues. And they will be the smartest, fastest, most challenging colleagues any of us has ever had. But in order to make even more creative magic we must embrace the machines, enjoy the machines and trust the machines.”

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