Virgin Media’s new campaign from BBH: we bring you more rubbish quicker

Virgin Media is taking the bull by the horns in its new campaign from BBH, claiming its fibre network is the fastest way to all the goodies on the internet and elsewhere, especially entertainment.

So it has bunch of B-team “entertainers” (there are a lot of these around, maybe Super Heroes and the like are too expensive) rattling down one of its cables.

Virgin CMO Kerris Bright, says” Red hot is our north star for judging creativity and our new campaign delivers this in spades. If entertainment could choose its fibre it would be Virgin Fibre…the film shows that Virgin Media is the fastest way to connected entertainment.”

Where did red hot pop up from? Wasn’t that Virgin Atlantic’s pitch when its ad featured leggy cabin crew as opposed to the rather less compelling yuppies rushing off to meetings it offers now? (Sorry adam&eve). Virgin Media and Virgin Atlantic are only vestigially related theses days.

If only most cable programmes weren’t so bad. Discovery seems obsessed with men in Alaska sporting big bushy ZZ Top beards. Who wants to watch that? Doesn’t stop Virgin putting its prices up at regular intervals.

So maybe the strategy has to be we bring you more rubbish quicker.

Which isn’t BBH’s fault of course and it does a decent job here.

MAA creative scale: 7.


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