Heineken’s Mourinho calls for more Champions League couch potatoes – like him

Jose Mourinho picks up £4m a year from Champions League sponsor Heineken it seems but at least they’re making Jose work for his money (doesn’t he have enough?)

Here he is courtesy of Poke, telling slacker football fans to tune in to the knockout stage of this year’s competition, complete with a “chatbot” offering various inducements. Are Champions League audiences falling away?

Jose’s Manchester United are not engaged in the CL this year, which will cost them about £70m. Odds are that they won’t be next year either, which may mean he’s free to make yet more ads. Or will the Special One’s box office appeal be fatally reduced?

Actually, in the extensive canon of Mourinho, it’s not bad. Love the slippers.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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