Cadillac cries crocodile tears over Trump at the Oscars

Cadillac has a different spin on its Dare Greatly campaign in Sunday night’s Oscars, ‘Carry” from Publicis, a new ad purporting to show that Americans aren’t all nasty and divisive (that’s you Donald). Rather they carry themselves forward.

Cadillac says this isn’t “political” at all. Pull the other one Cadillac.

Corporate America seems to be queuing up with anti-Trump messages (although it’s no doubt happy to see the stock markets rising and taxes, maybe, being lowered).

And Trump is corporate America’s invention to a large degree anyway. Massive, disfiguring inequality is largely the invention of Wall Street and the technopolists of the West Coast.

So cut the crocodile tears guys, man up.

MAA creative scale: 2.

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