W+K uncorks a Super Bowl winner for Turbo Tax but Bud Light is best left in the bottle

Widen+Kennedy has obviously had a busy old time building up to the Super Bowl and here’s Portland HQ on form with a teaser ad for Super Bowl regular Turbo Tax.

Not entirely sure why Humpty Dumpty is assisted by some English men at arms but doubtless all will be revealed (there are more ads to come).

And here, from W+K New York, is one for the pain that keeps on giving: Bud Light.

Last year we had Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen’s BudLightParty, what should have been an amusing spin on the US Presidential Election but wasn’t. In that instance truth was definitely stranger than fiction (if not, necessarily, funny).

Now it’s trying ‘Famous Among Friends,’ purporting to show that drinking Bud Light is really about building friendships, being the key to ‘bromance.’ It’s better because it’s not trying so hard but still about as plausible as the star of the US Apprentice morphing into the president.

Would a bridegroom really toast family and friends with a garish blue bottle of Bud Light? Maybe a Trump voter would but, somehow, doubt it.

Back to the drawing board chaps.

MAA creative scales:

Turbo Tax: 7.

Bud Light: 3.

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