More Christmas happiness: Very, Argos and a student’s prezzie for John Lewis

We already know what Christmas 2016 is going to be like – happy. That’s what this year’s Christmas advertisers seems to be saying anyway and we’ve still to see the big guns from John Lewis and Sainsbury’s (firing marshmallow bullets, obviously).

First up it’s online retailer

Smashed it. Reminds me of something or other – a Cannes winner? From St Luke’s I think. Like Burberry, sets the Christmas bar dauntingly high.

MAA creative scale: 9.

Next up is Argos with agency CHI enlisting some humour-packed gorillas to plug its rapid fire delivery.

Fun and to the point.

MAA creative scale: 7.

(update – they’re yetis apparently, silly me).

Then this for John Lewis (not that they knew about it) from ‘njcreative’ who’s an A-level media studies student it seems.

Heading for half a million YouTube views already. Shouldn’t that be a large JL cheque for nj?

MAA mark: A***

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