Audi hymns sports range in BBH Le Mans farewell

Heard a Simon and Garfunkel tune on the wireless the other day and set to musing if the boys (now in their seventies) are set for a comeback (Paul Simon never went away, of course). We used to think they were a bit ‘soft’ but songs like ‘America’ and the very naughty ‘Cecilia’ have tested time well enough.

‘Homeward Bound’ was the duo’s first big British hit and it makes a surprising reappearance (cover version) in this new Audi Sport ad from BBH. Audi has dominated the Le Mans 24-hour race but it’s bidding au revoir to concentrate on Formula E, for electric cars. Which, presumably, means it’s got some in the pipeline.

Why ‘Going Home’ against ‘Homeward Bound?’ Ah, the music industry…

But it’s a nice film and the various cars look good.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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