Maurice Levy: I’ll be (partly) gone but not forgotten

Maurice Levy has offered some more enticing clues about his future at Publicis Groupe when he steps down as CEO next year.

Speaking about Publicis’ underwhelming third quarter results in New York he said: “I will do whatever it is [the board] would like me to do except running the company. At a Goldman Sachs conference I said as a joke I would be happy to be a doorman, because the uniform is nice and you see a lot of people. This means that if I have to open some doors for the team and if I have to work with some clients to help the transition, this is something I will do very gladly.”

He also hinted, according to Ad Age, that digital outfit Razorfish might be folded into Sapient Nitro and there might be more than one person succeeding him at the top of the company. Which won’t be music to the ears of favourite Arthur Sadoun.

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