FCB Inferno makes global debut for BMW

FCB Inferno seems to have got it feet well and truly under the BMW table after winning its UK business from long-serving WCRS a couple of years ago.

This is its first global campaign for the German carmaker, to be adapted by other BMW agencies worldwide.

For years BMW banged on about ‘Joy’ in its ads, rather oddly for those of us who recall WCRS’ ultimate (Teutonic) driving machine. This campaign, plugging BMW’s xDrive all wheel and weather technology, is quite joyful too, even though much of it is what my friend Jerry Judge calls “running footage.”

It does the job, as do the print ads (below).


Is there a great global car campaign out there at the moment? Can’t think of one. But FCB and BMW will be pleased with this.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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