Fallon brings back Milk Tray Man – to Mongolia

Cadbury has been trying all sorts of wheezes to get us interested in the reincarnation of the Milk Try Man/man in black (or whatever you call him), a stalwart of its TV advertising back in the day.

Tricky one for agency Fallon this; the old ads weren’t actually that good although the man himself, delivering chocs to a lady you never see, became quite famous.

So it’s set off to the Mongolian steppes (as you do) where the lady resides in a yurt (the things you get at Glastonbury) surrounded by unfriendly-looking Genghis Khan types.

This really is back to the Seventies isn’t it? Open on a Mongolian mountain…

It’s OK. MAA creative scale: 6.

Here’s one from 1978.

Great V/O. Wonder which ancient British thesp that was?

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