Lucky Generals storm commanding heights of Business Insider’s ‘most creative’ list

Business Insider has produced its annual list of the 30 most creative people in advertising (or whatever we call it these days). Actually it should be the 30 most most creative on either side of the pond as they’re all US or GB.

Reason, perhaps, being that it’s based on nominations (you can nominate yourself but only if you nominate someone else too).

And at 3, 4 and 5 in the nominations list, sorry most creative list, are Danny Brooke-Taylor, Helen Calcraft and Andy Nairn (below) of our very own Lucky Generals. Not sure who’s 3, 4 or 5, maybe they’re all equal. Adam&eveDDB stalwart Ben Priest is at 2 and Droga5 CCO Ted Royer is number 1.


Anyway this is very nice for the Generals who appear to be making waves over there as well. Interesting that a suit (Calcraft) and a planner (Nairn) get in ahead of the likes of BBDO’s CCO David Lubars.

The Generals’ work selected by Business Insider is Jeremy Clarkson’s stuff for Amazon, tying in with his new show The Grand Tour. Amazon seem to be extracting its pound of something from Clarkson in return for their many millions; the poor man is even required to tweet about the merits of the Amazon Fire stick or whatever it’s called.

Is this worthy of quite such a high reward?

Suspect Clarkson’s a one-take man (and heaven help the production company producer who doesn’t have a nice warm steak waiting).

But the Generals have done what agencies are supposed to do for brands: get themselves talked about.

It will be interesting to see how they fare when the various Agency of the Year gongs are announced.

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