Has Lucky Generals found a great way to kick start new client Premier Inn?

Premier Inns moved its account from RKCR/Y&R a while back after ten years or so of Lenny Henry getting a good night’s sleep.

Well there’s none of that sleep nonsense any more, in its debut campaign Lucky Generals is telling us Premier Inn is a “great place to start’ and this first ad shows a lady of mature years using it as the launch pad for a night on the town.

There’ll be lots more, featuring the “feel good” openings of various famous movies it seems. The first two ads feature Premier Inn staff, with the closing lines voiced by Mr Henry.

Premier Inn CMO Mark Fells says: “We understand that a stay with Premier Inn is simply the beginning of our guest’s story. We look after over 18 million guests a year, each one of them coming to stay with us for unique and different reasons. They may plan to explore a new city, attend a family event, enter a sports competition or do business. Whatever the reason, our job is to provide outstanding hospitality, with friendly team members, comfortable rooms and the widest range of convenient locations at a fantastic price.

“In delivering on that promise, I am confident that each of our guests will benefit from a great place to start. The new TV adverts brilliantly succeed at getting that message across and are just the beginning of what promises to be a very exciting integrated campaign for our evolving brand.”

Lucky Generals creative chief Danny Brooke-Taylor says: “Premier Inn is a brand full of great stories, and we look forward to bringing some of them to life over the coming months.”

I’m sure it is, some of them probably not suitable for family viewing.

What do we make of this? Hardly an award-winner, not yet anyway. But it could be a proper campaign. It certainly has a markedly new approach for Premier, which is presumably how the Generals won the business.

Judgement should probably be reserved but we don’t do that.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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