Poor Enfatico is still down in the Boonedocks

One Torrence Boone, who’s now a VP at Google charged with agency relationships, founds himself at the centre of a mini-storm that may well gather into something bigger.

peterson-boone-6-29-12Back in 2008 Boone (left) was one of the leading lights of Enfatico, the agency WPP formed to handle Dell. It was a massive operation with over a thousand staff and several offices. Two years later in imploded when the two Dell execs who’d been persuaded to do it left. Dell subsequently moved to WPP’s Y&R.

Agency Spy published a subsequent piece claiming Boone was “unemployable.” It was recently approached by lawyers demanding the piece be removed from history – acting on behalf of a complainant who didn’t exist. The full story is in Agency Spy here.

Boone has denied any involvement – so who was? And why?

Fingers are also being pointed at a so far unnamed ‘reputation management’ outfit (PR firm to you and me) trying to rewrite history (as they quite often do – by tampering with Wikipedia entries for example). But this looks a bridge too far even by their slippery standards.

Here’s George Parker’s inimitable take on it in Adscam.

Enfatico is emphatically the agency story that won’t die.

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