Lucky Generals challenges sports betting orthodoxy in Betfair debut

Agency Lucky Generals is one of the big winners from the £5bn (£5bn!) Paddy Power/Betfair merger, adding the Betfair brand to PP.

In sharp contrast to the laddish PP stuff its debut campaign for Betfair majors on sweaty sport, using a quote from famed heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey – “a champion is someone who’s ready when the gong rings – not just before, not just after – but when it rings” and some mean and moody filming from Serious Pictures’ Walter Campbell.

The point being, presumably, to show that betting with Betfair shows you can be a participant in such events too. It’s an old-fashioned branding campaign as opposed to the school of ‘Bet in play with Ray’ and, indeed, Paddy Power.

Betfair marketing & brand director Paul Gambrill says: “We think this is a big idea that captures the anticipation of sport and betting at its best. The time is ripe for a fresh approach to communications in this market and suffice to say – we’re ready.”

Does it move Betfair up a notch, to be the premium player? And show that the Lucky Generals aren’t just cheeky chappies but a serious, big time agency?

Not conclusive but it does a bit of both.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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