Grey goes into battle for refugees again at the Olympics

At the Olympics there’s a team of ten refugees competing under the International Olympics Committee’s banner, trying to demonstrate – what exactly? That the IOC has a heart/conscience? That the Games isn’t all about rampant nationalism and doping?

Regarding the former I heard a BBC commentary the other day when the commentator went into meltdown over a GB rowing crew battling to come..second. The Beeb seems to have forgotten the distinction between commentating and cheerleading.

Anyway, helping with refugee charge for the UN is Grey london, whose sister agency Grey Singapore got into all sorts of hot water at Cannes over its app purportedly helping to find refugees lost in the Mediterranean.

Here’s Grey’s ‘Team Refugees’ mini-documentary.

The notion that here are refugees running towards something rather than, as is the norm, running away is to the point.

But it’s a proverbial drop in the ocean all the same.

Not the agency’s fault. MAA creative scale: 6.

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