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Campaign shines spotlight on marketing’s ‘trust crisis’

Sometimes pictures (and words) tell a story better than just words and Campaign has done the marketing community a favour with this documentary – ‘The Trust Crisis: Marketing’s Biggest Challenge’ – examining everything from the media rebates exercising the ANA and others to widespread ad fraud via the use of ‘bots.’

The cornerstone is a number of interviews at Cannes, Cindy Gallop as well as more expected faces like Keith Weed of Unilever and ad fraud crusader Johnny Hornby, but there are others too. Jon Mandel, who let the cat out of the bag over US media rebates, is here as is Carat’s Sanjay Nazerali (back in Cannes) who suggests that, in the age of social media, maybe nobody trusts anything any more, at least not in the old way. WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell treads somewhat carefully.

One small quibble: media rebates and the like are an ‘in-industry’ issue shaped by its participants. Ad fraud is a calculated assault from outside although it can be argued that the headlong rush to programmatic (a choice on the part of both advertisers and media agencies) has facilitated it. So it may have been an idea not to weld the two together. But it’s essential viewing.

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