Will Nike’s ‘Da Da Ding’ from Wieden+Kennedy tackle sexism in India as well as sell shoes?

India and the sub-continent generally (as we rather patronisingly call it) has been the scene of some of the more distressing examples of gender inequality – can a brand do something about it?

Nike and agency Wieden+Kennedy India are giving it their best shot in this epic – ‘Da Da Ding’ – showing Indian women punching their weight (sometimes literally) in a number of sports, led by a cast of Bollywood favourites and other notables.

Will it have a big impact? Probably as it presents Indian women in a way we haven’t seen before.

Should Nike be doing it and will it sell more shoes? Yes to both, I think. Sport and running are a reasonable enough way of establishing your identity, especially in a sports-mad country like India. Showing sexy, sweaty female athletes is bold and pertinent. Without Nike there wouldn’t be this message.

Nike is a lifestyle choice as much as anything else. Its shoes will probably be flying off the shelves.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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