Will hapless Jack Whitehall turn out to be an Olympic winner for Samsung and BBH Sport?

Back at the Rugby World Cup BBH Sport produced a series of films with comedian Jack Whitehall showing he’s not very good at sport – or much else – and now he’s back in Samsung’s ‘School of Rio’ for the Olympics, plugging Samsung’s involvement as both Olympic sponsor and Team GB sponsor and the Galaxy S7 Edge. So quite a lot to do.

There’s cycling, rowing and boxing.

You can guess what’s coming and it all rather depends on what you think of Whitehall. A bit like AMV BBDO’s Christmas ‘Spare The Act’ campaign for Dixons with Jeff Goldblum. And what exactly does it do for Samsung? Then again you can say that of any big sponsorship deal and the communications that go with it. Shows a more human face than Apple usually does, I guess.

It will be interesting to see if Whitehall is wheeled out again for the next sporting biggie, the FIFA World Cup in two years’ time.

But BBH Sport seems to have carved out a profitable corner of the burgeoning sports ‘content’ business.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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