Sky Sports fails to thrill as David Beckham launches Premier League coverage

One of the troubles with using David Beckham is that you end up making a David Beckham commercial – regardless of what he’s promoting.

Last year Brothers and Sisters’ welcome to the new Premier League season (yes, it’s coming around next month) featured Sky pundit Thierry Henry in one of the ads of the year.* This year it’s Dave and it isn’t.

Maybe Dave is joining the many and varied Sky pundits too; among its other services to mankind Sky provides a more than comfortable retirement home for ex-sportsmen. But Beckham running around in a beanie (does anyone else still wear beanies?) doesn’t really cut it.

MAA creative scale: 5.

*You’ll have to hunt around to find a bootleg version as those muppets from the Premier League have blocked it for “copyright reasons.” Pompous asses.

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