Man United tries to make a drama out of…a shirt?

Manchester United is raking in millions from shirtmaker adidas and sponsor Chevrolet (just as well as boss Ed Woodward keeps spending it all on overpriced/duff players) so agency The Corner has produced a new variation on adidas’ ‘First Never Follows’ theme hymning the famous team’s, er, shirts.

Well sponsors need something for their money I suppose. And Man U needs the shirt revenue.

The old ‘game of two halves’ seems to be the idea here. Apparently it’s a social media sensation already although this version has only 300 or so views.

What to make of it?

A victory of style over content anyway. Football gets more bonkers by the day and Man U is arguably the leader in that. £20m to Paul Pogba’s agent anyone? We haven’t even started the new Premier League season yet.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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