Coke TV: a bright new communications platform or more internet brain softening?

Coca-Cola is arguably the world’s most famous advertiser so when it launches its own YouTube TV channel – Coke TV – we should, perhaps, take notice.

And may lurch to the conclusion that the marketing world is in the final throes of internet-induced brain softening, collecting views and ‘subscribers’ with no real idea what to do with them.

Some of Coke TV’s videos have, indeed, gathered large numbers of views although quite what this does for the brand is open to debate. The hosts swig lots of Coke, sure, but that’s about it. Will YouTube eventually find itself under the same pressure as terrestrial broadcasters to take a hard line on sugary drinks. What will Coke do then?

But where Coke leads others will surely follow (and some got there before Coke, of course). But will they just be doing it because everybody else seems to be?

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About Stephen Foster

Stephen is a former editor of Marketing Week and London Evening Standard advertising columnist. He wrote City Republic for Brand Republic and is a partner in communications consultancy The Editorial Partnership.