changes tack as it chills with Thierry Henry appears to have abandoned its cheeky Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam campaign – “, Booking right” – in favour of this travelogue from digital agency AnalogFolk featuring Thierry Henry.

Shares in Henry are on the rise as the former player seems more relaxed essaying punditry for the BBC at Euro 2016 than he does in his highly-paid day job at Sky. Here he is revisiting Rome, scene of one of his triumphs as Barcelona beat Manchester United to win the Champion’s League in 2009.

Arsenal supporters might be a little miffed to discover that the “great team” he mentions is Barcelona not the Gooners, where he spent most of his career. But they didn’t win the Champion’s League although they won much else in the Henry era.

As this is a reality effort it’s also worth noting that the Roman traffic doesn’t actually allow you to cruise around in a cab taking in the sights – even if you’re Thierry Henry.

Still, it’s pleasant enough and just might send you off to Rome.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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