Lucky Generals prods Russian bear for Paddy Power

Those Lucky Generals have struck again, this time by parking Paddy Power’s notorious truck billboard outside the Russian Embassy in London. Why? England are playing Russia in Euro 2016 tomorrow (Saturday) so PP is tempting fate with a translation into Russian of what it calls Jamie Vardy’s “infamous ‘Chat Shit, Get Banged’ slogan.”

Which is a new one on me. I assume Mr Vardy is not a man of letters.

It’s all part of the agency’s ‘Vive Le Bantz’ campaign – which, I think, is supposed to be French for banter.


PP says it hopes the “Russkies” will be amused. Note to FSB: Lucky Generals’ office is in Farringdon. Stay off the tea guys..

MAA creative scale: 7.

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