CHI rings the cultural changes for iD online campaign

Religious muslim ladies doubling up as hip hoppers is an interesting notion but that’s what Munera Rashida and Sukina Abdul – aka Poetic Pilgrimage – do. And they’re the heroines of Carphone Warehouse’s “challenger” mobile brand iD in an online campaign from CHI&Partners.

ID head of marketing Mark Bowles says: “The iD brand was borne out of listening to consumers and understanding their frustrations and needs, thus creating a network that is as individual as the person. This sense of uniqueness is what we are looking to celebrate through our new platform of “#DOYOUROWNTHING”. Through working with Poetic Pilgrimage in our new campaign we are looking to champion people who define themselves through different ways.“

CHI creative director Dan Watts says: “Do Your Own Thing aims to capture the spirit of individuality and self-expression. Just like iD Mobile, we want the work to resonate with young, independent thinkers, helping set iD apart as a brave challenger brand.”

ID, of course, will need to offer better service and prices to succeed in a ferociously competitive marketplace. But this is quite edgy, lively stuff.

Doing well on YouTube, heading for 400,000 so seems to have yoof appeal.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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