BT Mobile signs up Baldwin and his “dramatic delivery”

BT remains a remarkably unloved company despite its undoubted commercial success. You get the impression that it does just enough in terms of customer service to stay in the game but no more.

Long-serving agency AMV BBDO can hardly be blamed for that, fighting manfully over the years to give BT a human face

Now BT has bought EE in the UK it’s a big mobile player once more (once upon a time it owned Cellnet which morphed into O2) but it’s still pushing its own BT mobile brand. You know it makes sense; well you do if you inhabit the bizarre world of mobile marketing.

AMV is also building a stable of Hollywood B-listers appearing in its ads. Last Christmas we had Jeff Goldblum in a series of comedy pieces for Currys PC World (a big award winner at the Creative Circle) and now Alec Baldwin fronts up for BT with his “dramatic delivery.”

Wonder if BT’s research shows that older people are more likely to buy its mobile service? If so the be-suited Baldwin using all these apps and stuff is a clever choice.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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