Samsung opens a virtual reality world of storytelling in new global campaign by BBH

Samsung is launching a new global campaign ‘Launching People’ – through BBH, trying to put on a human face on virtual reality.

It’s ‘discovered’ that a third of parents aren’t there to read their children bedtime stories – but now you can, with a couple of rather daunting Samsung VR headsets.

Which are doubtless OK if you’re away in a hotel room – as here – although it probably doesn’t work so well if you’re in the pub.

As we’re in the place we’re in, it’s an immersive experience not just a story.

Samsung’s on a roll at the moment, just as arch-enemy Apple stalls.

Will this be the next big thing? Probably needs more work but it could be.

Hard to judge it as advertising because this is mostly infomercial, reasonably enough.

But deftly handled by BBH. And good to see the agency with a big global project to get its teeth into. Might have uncle Maurice of Publicis Groupe* to thank for this one.

MAA creative scale: 8.

*My spies tell me that the deal for Publicis to buy a quarter of Cheil (once Samsung’s house agency and still its biggest agency partner) is going ahead.

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