Now MD Exon leaves ever-changing BBH

Thhe post-merger brain drain from BBH continues. Since Publicis bought the agency four years ago a host of senior figures have departed – messrs Bogle and Hegarty are still around some of the time – and now managing director Mel Exon (below) is leaving. Both the agency’s CSOs, Jonathan Bottomley and Jason Gonsalves, departed recently.

Exon, who’s been MD for two years and with the agency for 19, will be replaced by deputy chairman Adam Arnold. Arnold is also CEO of BBH brand agency Zag. Exon is becoming CEO of The Sunshine Company, an agency in London and Los Angeles that seeks to align brands with popular culture.

There are always a host of departures when the ownership of any company changes. BBH owner Publicis has had a torrid time over the last couple of years following the failed merger with Omnicom. A company-wide pay freeze and countless reorganisations can’t have helped.

For BBH the challenge remains to find a new management team with some of the pizazz manifested by Bartle (who left 16 years ago ago but is still missed), Bogle and Hegarty. Beneath newish group CEO Neil Munn and long-serving London CEO Ben Fennell there’s been a constant round of changes.

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