Lucky Generals targets Keith Weed for Radiocentre

Lucky Generals has launched a new radio campaign, aimed directly at individual marketers, in a bid to persuade them to make more use of the medium. The first spot, which aired this morning during breakfast shows across a number of stations, is directed at Unilever CMO Keith Weed (below). A hip hop artist raps “you can be the leader, Keith Weed from Unilever,” trying to persuade Weed that radio is “OMG to the FMCG.”

The ad and featured marketer were kept under wraps until the first spot aired to help demonstrate how radio advertising can create fame.

The 60-second spot will run across national commercial stations including Absolute Radio, Heart, Capital, and Kiss FM. It ends with a call to “See radio differently at”
More ads aimed at different marketers and using a range of musical genres, will be released in the coming weeks. The campaign, the first by Lucky Generals since winning the Radiocentre account in January, will be supported by outdoor, online, and print advertising plus PR and social media. It also has a dedicated microsite at

Lucky Generals co-founder Andy Nairn says: “Using a broadcast medium to reach specific individuals may feel counter-intuitive but the best way to make someone reappraise radio advertising is to do some famous radio advertising that gets people in their social network talking and that they can really connect with personally.”

Radiocentre client director Lucy Barrett says: “Sometimes marketers overlook commercial radio in favour of newer and seemingly shinier channels. Frankly, this is crazy, as a record 35 million adults tune into commercial radio every week, providing advertisers with the opportunity to engage a huge chunk of the UK population with the brand.

“We think this campaign is a great reflection of our industry, we don’t take ourselves too seriously but it is a very personal medium and audiences have a very special relationship with their station. This campaign should get radio talked about in the right arenas.”

Indeed it should Lucy.

Averse as I am to rap (I know, I know..) this is a clever campaign.

Will it persuade the likes of Weed to turn on the wireless? Deserves to.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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